4 principles of how to design sunglasses

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4 principles of how to design sunglasses

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The designing sunglasses principles of glasses refer to the basic ideas and rules that we should follow when creating our own sunglasses brand or how to design sunglasses, these basic rules of glasses design make the product structure design more reasonable, whether it is metal glasses or acetate glasses, the principles of product structural design include the reasonable selection of glasses materials, parts of glasses, the selection of reasonable structure, the simplification of mold structure and cost control as much as possible. will be very beneficial to you and the sunglasses manufacturers.

designing sunglasses
Designing Sunglasses


1. Reasonable Use of Materials


All products are made of materials. When designing a glasses product, the first thing to consider is the selection of materials and parts. Materials not only determine the function of the product but also determine the price of the product. How to reasonably select glasses materials?

Please go to the Glasses Material page to learn more about the performance characteristics and uses of different glasses materials.

what is glasses made of


(1) Choose according to the application environment of the product.


The requirements for the materials of products are different in different application environments. Here are some examples.

material glasses

For everyday use glasses, lightweight and easy-to-clean stainless steel, titanium, or sheet metal frames can be used, which are sufficiently sturdy and reasonably priced. Work glasses need alloy frames to meet strength and high/low-temperature requirements;

Outdoor sports glasses suit carbon fiber or polyamide frames, which are lightweight, durable, and have UV protection functionality. Medical glasses are best with polycarbonate frames to achieve super lightweight and easy high-temperature sterilization; Kitchen and craft glasses should choose stainless steel frames, which can effectively resist corrosion and are easy to clean and maintain.

In summary, according to the different application environments of glasses, materials need to be selected to meet the specific strengths, abrasion resistance, protection, and other characteristics in order to ensure the effectiveness and service life of the glasses.

acetate frame material


(2) Choose according to the market positioning of the product.


Before designing the product, the market positioning of the product will also affect the selection of materials. Products of different quality levels correspond to different markets. High-end products select the best materials, medium-end products have acceptable material performance, and low-end products aim to reduce material costs as much as possible in material selection.


(3) Choose according to the functional requirements of the product.


Different functions of products require different materials. Some products have moving parts, and movement will inevitably lead to wear and tear. Therefore, when selecting materials, wear resistance needs to be considered…


(4) Choose according to the company’s requirements.


Every company has its own suppliers, including material suppliers… The same product may meet product design requirements with several different materials at different prices. Which material to choose depends on the actual situation of the company.

how to design sunglasses


2.  Selecting a Reasonable Structure


Simpler is better when it comes to product structure design, as long as it meets the functional requirements. The simpler the structure, the easier it is to make the molds, the easier it is to sunglasses production, and the fewer problems will arise.

For example: Instead of soldering 2 different parts together, it is better to combine them using stamping parts if possible. This can reduce production steps and unstable or risky factors.

design your own sunglasses
Design Your Own Sunglasses

Extra structures are not allowed in the product structure design. Extra structures mean wasting design time, increasing mold processing difficulties, and wasting materials. When designing product structures, only necessary structures should be included and unnecessary structures should be avoided. Every structure and every small part and line should have a purpose.

The key points of selecting a reasonable structure are:

  • Meet the functional requirements

  • As simple as possible

  • Avoid extra or unnecessary structures

  • Every structure should have a purpose and be useful

  • Choose manufacturing methods that are simple, stable, and reduce production steps

By following these principles, the mold-making, production, and quality of sunglasses can be improved with a reasonable and optimal structure design.


3.  Simplify Mold Structures as Much as Possible


After product design is complete, molds are needed to shape the product. When designing the product, we must ensure that the product can be manufactured using molds. A reliable product structure that is difficult or impossible to implement in molds is an unqualified structure. As a structure engineer, you should have some understanding of mold basics, shaping methods, and ejection methods, so that you can simplify the mold structure as much as possible during product design.

sunglasses production

For example, undercuts in molds affect normal ejection, and mechanisms to solve undercuts often use slides and cams, which increase mold complexity and costs. During structure design, places with undercuts should be processed as much as possible to allow normal ejection. Some internal snap fits can be simplified by burnishing or press fitting. But some undercuts must be retained and solved using slides or cams in the molds.

Therefore, when simplifying molds during product design, it must be done after meeting the basic requirements of the product.

The key points for simplifying mold structures are:

  • Understand mold basics and manufacturing methods

  • The process places with undercuts to allow normal ejection

  • Simplify mechanisms like snap fits when possible

  • Only add mechanisms like slides or cams when absolutely needed

  • The simplification must not affect the product’s basic functions

By following these principles, the production costs and complexity of molds can be reduced while still producing quality products during sunglass manufacturing.


4. Cost Control


Cost is the most crucial part of any product, and cost determines a large part of a company’s profit margin. Cost control should start from the product design stage. In product structure design, you should do the following in terms of cost:

      (1) . Choose cost-effective materials that meet functional requirements.

      (2). Reduce the number of parts as much as possible while meeting appearance requirements when modeling the product’s external form.

      (3). Simplify the structure to save mold costs during product structure design.

      (4). Choose appropriate fixing methods to reduce assembly costs during production.

      (5). Adopt suitable surface treatment methods according to product positioning and appearance requirements to save processing fees.

      (6). During product structure design, use existing company materials as much as possible and unify material specifications as much as possible, such as screw sizes.

In summary, a reasonable structure design focused on cost control should consider:

  • Choosing cost-effective materials

  • Reducing the number of parts

  • Simplifying product structures

  • Optimizing fixing methods during assembly

  • Choosing appropriate surface treatments

  • Using existing company materials

design your own sun glasses
By following these principles, production costs can be controlled without compromising the functions, appearance, and quality of the sunglass product. An optimized structure design focused on value engineering is crucial to the cost-effectiveness and profitability of any product.

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