6 Eyewear Brands That Are Understatedly Luxurious And Beyond Trends

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6 Eyewear Brands That Are Understatedly Luxurious And Beyond Trends

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About Eyewear brands, the fashion world has recently seen a rise in the “Quiet Luxury” trend. This literally means quiet or understated luxury. In other words, it is a subtle and low-key luxury. The characteristics of this style are being discreet, not using big logos, and avoiding high color saturation. The focus is on quality, emphasizing materials and details to create an effortless and refined elegance.

Eyewear Brands

Insiders know these products stand the test of time, do not go out of fashion quickly, and have high wearability. Looking at the many eyewear brands in the market, quite a few high-end brands fit the “quiet luxury” style. With exquisite craftsmanship and intricate details, they demonstrate superior taste and an attitude of not following trends blindly. Below Sunglasses Manufacturers will introduce 6 eyewear brands that I feel have a Quiet Luxury vibe.You can also make some references when designing sunglasses.


LINDBERG Eyewear Brand


LINDBERG is a premier Danish eyewear brand, with a professional innovation technology and materials research and development team. Each pair of glasses is designed and manufactured in Denmark, combining quality, comfort, and innovation. The brand adheres to minimalist design principles, eliminating screws, rivets, and other traditional welding parts, resulting in extraordinary lightness.

LINDBERG is selective in materials, using high-end materials such as titanium, gold, buffalo horn, rare diamonds, and more. Visually, LINDBERG glasses have simple yet expressive lines, and the patented structure is highly recognizable, fitting the Quiet Luxury style and exuding elegance through the details.

LINDBERG eyewear brand


LINDBERG eyewear brands

LINDBERG eyeglasses brand

LINDBERG glasses brand


LINDBERG eyeglass brand


LINDBERG optical brand


MARKUS T Eyewear Brand


MARKUS T from Germany is one of the few eyewear brands in the world that produces everything (from raw materials to manufacturing process) in their own factory, in order to precisely control product quality. With its unique patented design, structural technology, and ultralight materials – titanium and its own TMi synthetic material, MARKUS T creates comfortable and agile frames suitable for both Eastern and Western wearers.

When it comes to signature design elements, it must be the linear open truss in the bridge, so simple yet enough to instantly evoke MARKUS T. In addition, the brand uses patented dyeing technology to allow the material to retain a matte texture for a long time. Even after years of wear, the color remains stable and keeps its optimal hue.

MARKUS T glasses brand


MARKUS T eyewear brand




MARKUS T eyewear brands


MARKUS T eyeglasses brand


MYKITA Eyewear Brand


MYKITA is also a well-known German eyewear brand that has built its own factory, MYKITA Haus, where everything from material research, design, and production to manual assembly is completed at their headquarters. MYKITA glasses combine fashion, innovation, and comfort. They use top quality medical grade ultra-thin stainless steel and their own 3D printed material Mylon.

Their patented hingeless design is a signature feature, bringing a lightweight and comfortable wearing experience, durable yet easy to adjust. In addition to comfort and functionality, MYKITA also excels in showcasing a minimalist avant-garde style, with refined and deeply appealing aesthetics.



MYKITA eyewear brands


MYKITA sunglasses brand


MYKITA glasses brand


MYKITA eyewear brand


MYKITA brand


MYKITA eyeglass brand


GOTTI Eyewear Brand


The Swiss brand GOTTI has a pure and unpretentious aura. With exquisite craftsmanship and refined aesthetics, it creates timeless classic designs. Every detail is considered for aesthetics and functionality, interlocking seamlessly for optimal comfort in viewing and wearing.

The designs range from lightweight to substantial but always retain that sense of elegance and intricate craftsmanship. GOTTI’s titanium collection is produced by the best Japanese craftsmen in titanium eyewear, with the most attractive detail being the charming two-tone effect on the delicate metal, adding a unique texture to the cool metal.

GOTTI’s 3D-printed collection is also quite mature, with superior textures, durability, and lightness. Those who support “sustainable fashion” would do well to take note.



GOTTI eyewear brand


GOTTI eyewear brands


GOTTI eyeglass brand


GOTTI glasses brand


GOTTI sunglasses


MASUNAGA Eyewear Brand


Founded in 1905, MASUNAGA is a Japanese national treasure level eyewear brand, with the reputation and quality of being “appointed by the Japanese Emperor”. Both its design and craftsmanship inherit the meticulousness of traditional handcrafted eyewear. Each pair of glasses goes through over 200 complex processes, embodying the spirit of uncompromising artisanship.

MASUNAGA glasses are made with various high-end materials, plus special tailoring and ergonomic designs specifically for Asian face shapes, making the finished products more exquisite and durable, with absolute quality assurance. In terms of design, MASUNAGA goes for an elegant and delicate style.

The seemingly simple frames are full of ingenious delicate details that astonish in lines, colors, structure, and ornamentation, implicitly conveying a sense of nobility.





MASUNAGA eyeglass brand


MASUNAGA eyewear brand


MASUNAGA eyewear brands


MASUNAGA eyeglasses brand


VYCOZ Eyewear Brand


Unlike mainstream Korean eyewear brands that pursue a strong fashion sense and vibrant colors, VYCOZ is committed to restoring glasses to their purest form, colliding classic versatile frames with contemporary minimalist aesthetics, innovative technology, and functional design.

VYCOZ has 11 collections, covering optical glasses, sunglasses, adult and children’s eyewear, metal and various plastic materials. They incorporate screwless and innovative hinge structures developed by the brand on the frames to enhance comfort and durability. Visually, VYCOZ often presents delicate and clean outlines without redundant decoration, emphasizing rationality. But when you pick them up, you can feel that effortless aura of understated luxury.

VYCOZ eyeglasses brand




VYCOZ sunglasses brand


VYCOZ glasses brand


VYCOZ eyewear brands


VYCOZ eyewear brand


VYCOZ eyeglass brand


To sum up, there are many eyewear brands in the world. 6 eyewear brands with a Quiet Luxury sensibility focus on quality, materials, and details to create a refined elegance that looks effortless. They express high taste and unconventional attitude with exquisite craftsmanship and exquisite details.

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