Surface Polishing of Acetate Glasses

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Surface Polishing of Acetate Glasses

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Surface glasses polishing of acetate glasses is a very important process in the manufacturing process of acetate glasses.

After the sunglasses manufacturers put the frames out of the drum, they will have scratches on the surface and some pits on the surface during subsequent processing. Polishing can polish and polish the places where the hands are scraped around the acetate frame and the places that are not smooth enough. It can maximize the brightness of the board.



1. The main function of eyewear polishing


After the acetate frames are taken out of the drum, there will be scratches on the surface during subsequent processing, and there are still pits on some surfaces. Polishing can polish the scratched areas and areas that are not smooth enough around the plate rack and can maximize the improved brightness of the board.


2. Classification of eyeglasses polishing


1. Coarse throwing: slower speed

2. Fine polishing: faster speed

Coarse polishing and fine polishing can use one transmission device at the same time. You only need to change the wheel used for polishing, such as changing the hemp wheel or cloth wheel to achieve rough polishing or fine polishing.


3. Types of materials for sunglasses polishing


1. White polishing wax: made of calcium oxide, a small amount of magnesium oxide, and adhesive, the particle size is small and not sharp, and it is easy to weather and deteriorate after long-term storage. Mainly polished metal and plastic with a softer texture.

how to fix scratched glasses
2. Red polishing wax: made of iron oxide, aluminum oxide, and adhesive, the hardness is only equal. Polished generic metal and plastic.

3. Green polishing wax: made of magnesium oxide and adhesive, hard and sharp, strong grinding ability, polishing hard alloy, stainless steel, and other materials.

The choice of polishing wax is only based on the material of the polished part. After the polished parts are polished, there will be residues and dirt of polishing wax on the surface, which can be cleaned with detergent.


4. Acetate eyeglass polishing process


Frames and temples are dry-thrown and wet-thrown respectively. After being assembled into a frame, wet throwing is performed.

1. Use a cloth wheel for dry polishing, and the material is ordinary transparent tape. Stick the transparent tape into a rectangular block, coat the cloth wheel with glue, and polish the plate frame.

2. Vibrate after dry throwing. Wet throw after shaking. The abrasive used for wet polishing is sand powder.

After the frames and temples undergo the above procedures respectively, they are then sent for inspection, hinged, and manually trimmed to form a complete frame.

3. Finally perform wet polishing of the entire rack.


In summary, In recent years, with the development of science and technology, consumers’ requirements for the precision of glasses polishing products have also been greatly improved. The above are the commonly used processes at present.

Custom sunglasses manufacturers have 13 years of polishing technology research and have been learning and introducing new polishing techniques for many years. Processing technology can efficiently improve the processing efficiency and precision of glasses polishing.

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