The Art of Designing Unisex Frames with Universal Appeal

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The Art of Designing Unisex Frames with Universal Appeal

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In recent years, genderless, designing unisex eyewear has exploded in popularity. The rise of inclusive, non-binary fashion has fueled demand for frames with universal styling suited to all. For 12 years, our sunglasses manufacturers have specialized in crafting fashionable unisex and gender-neutral frames beloved by global brands and consumers. In this guide, we’ll share insights into how we design eyewear with wide-ranging aesthetic appeal.


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1. Understanding the Unisex Eyewear Trend


The shift towards gender-neutral fashion has now reached eyewear. Rather than strictly “masculine” or “feminine” styles, consumers today want frames that transcend gender. Uni (one) and sex (sex) quite literally mean one style for all sexes.


Unisex Eyewear Trend


1.1 Several factors explain this demand shift


Greater gender diversity and identity awareness require more inclusive designs
Rejection of binary gender norms and rules dictating styles
The desire for self-expression through clothing and accessories

Rise of streetwear and norms-defying aesthetics
As society redefines gender, unisex eyewear provides the versatility people seek. Shared designs feel liberating versus separated sections in stores. Uni frames also offer practical mix-and-match value for households and couples.


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2. Hallmarks of Unisex Eyewear Design


So what exactly characterizes frames with that broad, genderless appeal? Our designers focus on several strategies:


2.1 Versatile Shapes and Proportions


Avoiding heavily angular or round styles, we favor versatile shapes like rectangles and wayfarers that complement most faces. Moderate proportions balancing width and height have universal flattery. Sculptural 3D shaping adds modern flair.


2.2 Neutral Color Palettes


We emphasize muted, neutral colorways like black, brown, silver, gold, and tortoiseshell that transcend gender. Pops of accent colors broaden versatility. Vintage-inspired Havana and transparent colors also have wide appeal.


2.3 Finishes and Textures 


Adding tactile finishes like woodgrain, leather, and matte treatments modernizes unisex frames. Mixing glossy and matte textures provides contrast. Mirrored lenses enhance the futuristic, forward-thinking aesthetic.


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2.4 Subtle Decorative Touches 


Understated geometric patterns, minimalist hardware accents, sleek plaques, and two-tone fades make designs feel unique without exclusion. It’s about refined subtlety over loud ornamentation.


3. Lifestyle-Driven Design


We design for versatility from workdays to weekends. Materials like lightweight titanium and nylon withstand daily wear and tear while delivering comfort. Lens functions like blue light filtering accommodate modern screen-filled routines.

At this point, I recommend you to read our other blog: how to build your own eyewear brand.


4. Technical Considerations for Inclusive Fit


Making frames truly unisex requires an inclusive approach to technical elements like:

Sizing – Offering a wide range of sizes to accommodate all faces
Proportions – Balancing lens size, bridge width, and temple length holistically
Weight – Lightweight materials prevent discomfort

Nose pads – Adjustable for customization across noses
Endpieces – Curved and elongated to sit flush on varied ear shapes
Hinges – Flexible spring hinges for supreme comfort
By factoring in anatomical differences, one well-designed style can complement most people.


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5. Crafting Statement Unisex Sunwear


Sunglasses provide a fun, expressive way to deliver a unisex look. We create sunnies with:

Standout shapes – Shields, rounds, aviators
Bold colors – Iridescent, transparent, or color-fade styles
Luxe touches – Polished metal accents, unique rivets

Mirrored lenses – Reflective coats in gray, blue, and pink for flare
Vintage inspiration also informs unique unisex sunwear. Combining retro wireframes with mirrored lenses blends old-school cool with a modern flair.


6. Unisex Kids and Teen Eyewear


Children and teens are also gravitating toward gender-neutral clothing reflecting changing mindsets. We work with young brands to design frames that make self-expression fun.


Unisex Eyewear brand


Whimsical shapes, prints, patterns, and colors allow personalization. Adding decorative touches like flower cutouts or animal motifs injects personality. Functional features like bendable frames teach early adaptability too.

By avoiding gender stereotypes in youth eyewear, we can empower healthier attitudes for generations to come.


7. Showcasing Diverse Representation


The models showcasing our designed unisex eyewear represent a diverse spectrum of ages, ethnicities, body types, and personalities. Featuring people of all genders interacting and laughing together promotes the frames’ universal intent.

We also photograph frames across street style, workwear, formalwear, and leisure to highlight versatility. Mixed media campaigns depict models drawing, reading, and pursuing hobbies and passions while wearing unisex eyewear. This builds authentic lifestyle appeal.


8. Unisex Eyewear & Self-Expression


At its core, unisex design allows personal identity and preference to define style choices free of artificial barriers. Our Head Designer Chris summarizes this ethos:

“We see eyewear as an extension of personal style and self-expression. Uni frames invite you to be yourself and write your own fashion narrative. Their versatility supports that creative freedom. To us, they represent a quiet sort of revolution moving culture towards inclusion and acceptance.”

By letting individuals forge their own path, unisex eyewear fosters empowerment.


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9. The Future is Uni


As gender norms continue evolving, designing unisex eyewear will only keep gaining traction across demographics. Our design team actively studies how shifting attitudes and preferences impact style desires. We foresee bolder experimentation with shape, texture, color, and styling in uni frames.


Designing Unisex Frames


Exciting innovations like custom 3D-printed eyewear will enable made-to-order unisex designs tailored to an individual’s distinct features and style. AR and VR also show promise for virtual try-ons so anyone can visualize frames on their unique face shape and complexion.

By proactively adapting to changing consumer needs around self-expression and inclusion, our designed unisex eyewear continues pushing boundaries and reflecting the faces of the future.

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