Glasses electroplating process

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Glasses electroplating process

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The generally understood glasses electroplating is a general term for various surface treatment processes, which are composed of multiple processes including pre-treatment, electroplating scheme, color spraying scheme, sealing scheme, and so on.Please read the introduction from the sunglasses manufacturers.


1. Surface treatment of common metal eyeglass frames


The common metals used in glasses basically refer to stainless steel and nickel-white copper alloy; before the electroplating process, the spectacle frames must be carefully polished (or sandblasted and matte) to ensure the adhesion and subsequent electroplating. Finish.

how to fix scratched glasses
How to fix scratched glasses

Normal glasses electroplating basically uses water plating to transfer metal (such as gold, silver, etc.) to the surface of the spectacle frame. Some metal materials containing copper also need to be nickel-plated before electroplating.

Glasses electroplating

After the electroplating of the glass frame is completed, the coloring process can be done. The coloring method is basically the color spraying and baking process, but to ensure the adhesion of the spray color, the curing agent priming process must be performed first.

eyelasses electroplating

Ordinary metal frames need to be glued after finishing the coloring. Usually, electroplating frame oil (sealed paint) is used; sprayed on the surface of the spectacle frame, it has an excellent protective effect on the electroplating surface, good hardness, and strong adhesion, is resistant to alcohol and salt spray chemicals, and is a protective paint. There are two effects of adding glue: spectroscopic glue and matte glue.

sunlasses coatting


2. Surface treatment of titanium glass frames


Titanium metal glasses basically refer to pure titanium materials and β-titanium alloy materials; before the electroplating process of titanium metal eyeglass frames, they must be carefully polished (or sandblasted and matte) because the density of titanium metal materials is high. It’s harder to polish, so it’s more expensive.

eye wear electroplating

The method of titanium metal plating basically uses vacuum ion plating to transfer metal (such as gold, silver, etc.) to the surface of the spectacle frame. Vacuum plating has extremely strong adhesion, but the color is dark, so in the future, nickel will be added and then water plating will be used. solutions to enhance product gloss.

Titanium spectacle frames can be colored after the electroplating is completed. The method of adding color is basically a color spraying and drying process, but to ensure the adhesion of the spray color, the curing agent primer process must be carried out first.

Glasses coatting

After the coloring is completed, the titanium metal eyeglass frames need to be added with glue. Usually, electroplating frame oil (sealing paint) is used; spraying on the surface of the eyeglass frame has excellent protection for the electroplated surface layer, good hardness and adhesion. Strong, alcohol and salt spray chemical resistant, protective paint. There are two effects of adding glue: spectroscopic glue and matte glue.

color test standard

1. Hardness: 3-5H (hardness tester / Mitsubishi pencil / 500g load)

2. Adhesion: 100/100 (Baig method/3M600# tape)

3. Solvent resistance: 200 (wipe back and forth with a load of 500g until the bottom is exposed)


3. Surface Treatment of Metal Trim for Spectacle Assembly


The metal ornaments used in spectacle frames are basically made of nickel-nickel-nickel copper material, which is widely used because of the convenience of shaping; the electroplating method used for metal ornaments is basically water plating, and some accessories that cannot be fixed and electroplated will be barrel-plated. way, but the adhesion of barrel plating is relatively weak, and it is easy to fade.

eyewear electroplating

Explanation: Recently, the state promulgated more stringent surface treatment standards for spectacle frames, and put nickel-free plating on the agenda. The future situation that can be seen will be that spectacle frames will be mandatory to be marked with nickel-free plating to ensure that consumers wear security.

lens coatting


4. What is surface laser treatment of eyeglass frames?


The surface laser process of the spectacle frame refers to the effect of printing the pattern on the surface of the spectacle frame by laser laser after the surface treatment of the spectacle frame is completed. The laser pattern will not affect the adhesion of the electroplating layer, but it may damage the spray color. Therefore, this technology has been upgraded to purple light laser in recent years, which greatly ensures the service life of the product.

eyeglass laser


Common process method of glasses electroplating. Although different methods have different advantages and disadvantages, they can all apply a protective film on the surface of the glasses to extend the service life of the glasses and improve health. Custom sunglasses manufacturers attach great importance to the plating process and quality of glasses.

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