How To Take Care Of Glasses

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How To Take Care Of Glasses

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To maintain a good relationship with your cherished glasses, it’s essential to learn how to take care of glasses. As one of the five senses, eyes are crucial. Glasses are like family, compensating for vision impairment and always with you. Join your sunglasses manufacturers to learn how to clean, wear, and take care of them properly, and enjoy the pleasure of wearing glasses every day.

wiping glasses

1. The correct way to take off and put on glasses


Mastering the correct way to put on and take off your glasses is the key to prolonging their lifespan. If your glasses suddenly feel uncomfortable, it may be due to the frame becoming deformed, resulting from improper handling during daily wear and removal.

how to wear glasses

Using only one hand to put on or take off glasses can inadvertently apply unreasonable force, causing the frame to shake and deform due to uneven pressure. The most basic and correct method is to use both hands when handling glasses, for both putting them on and taking them off. Hold the frame with both hands and move it in a straight line along the front-back direction to ensure the balance and stability of the frame.

To ensure that your glasses serve you well, start forming this habit today.


2. How to fold glasses correctly


To fold glasses correctly, hold the front ends of the glasses with both hands. Usually, start folding from the left side, but be careful if the hinge screws are loose.  Fold the glasses along the temples and gently open or close the temples to put on or take off the glasses. Properly folded glasses should have both ends horizontally aligned and can be placed in a glasses case without being deformed.

Folding your glasses properly ensures they are not damaged or scratched and makes them easier to carry and store.

3. How to place glasses


To maintain glasses’ ideal condition when not in use, use the correct placement and storage methods.

When placing on a table, it’s best to flip glasses over, with the top facing down, to prevent accidents. When folding glasses for sleep or temporary placement, flip them over to maintain a lower center of gravity and increase the contact area.

nice and clean lens wipes

Placing glasses with the bottom facing down increases the risk of damage. Never place glasses with the lenses facing down, as this can cause wear and tear on the lenses.

Putting glasses directly into a pocket is not recommended, as rough fabric can scratch the lenses. Instead, use a soft cloth to wrap the glasses before placing them in your pocket.

how often should you clean your glasses


When traveling or driving, placing glasses in a case can provide solid protection against damage from vibrations. Place a soft cloth at the bottom of the case, then place the folded glasses with the lenses facing down on top of it. Close the case with a crisp snap to ensure safe storage.


4. Never put glasses in these 5 places


  1. Keep glasses away from heat sources like stoves, hair dryers, and cigarettes. Avoid clothes dryers.
  2. Direct sunlight can cause lens deformation and eye fatigue. Don’t use glasses with deformed lenses.
  3. Avoid wearing glasses during hot showers, as heat can crack resin lenses.
  4. Chemicals in hot springs and seawater can damage glasses. Avoid using glasses in these environments.
  5. Don’t place glasses on car dashboards in direct sunlight. Store them in a case away from light.

5. how to clean glasses frames and lens


Even with careful use, scratches, dirt, and damage are inevitable in daily life. The secret to long-term use of good things is the correct care. Let’s take action and take care of our things.

why are my glasses always dirty

However, it’s important to note that grease, sweat, makeup, and skincare products that accumulate on the glasses frame over time can corrode the surface, plating, and paint layers of the frame. To prevent paint from chipping and other issues, clean the frame regularly. For frames with nose pads, change them frequently to prevent stains and ensure comfortable wear.

how long do glasses last

To remove oil and fingerprint stains on the lens coating, use eyeglass cleaner or dish soap, but not face wash or hand soap. Some chemicals in these products can corrode the coating over time, leading to delamination.

This is the right way to clean your glasses :

First, put a small amount of dish soap on the lens and use your fingers to gently rotate the soap around the lens.

glasses being cleaned

Then, rinse the lens under the faucet with gentle water flow. Avoid using strong water pressure.

how to clean glasses without spray

After cleaning, use a soft eyeglass cloth to gently squeeze the lens and wipe it dry in the same direction. Avoid rubbing the lens back and forth.

clean eye glasses

Special Reminders:

If the lens cloth provided by the eyeglass retailer cannot remove grease, it may be of poor quality and may harm the lens with long-term use.

how to clean glasses lenses
Never use tissues to wipe the lens and make sure there is no visible dust on the lens before wiping it to avoid damaging the lens coating.
If conditions permit, consider purchasing an ultrasonic cleaning machine for the best cleaning effect. However, if the glasses have embedded artificial crystals or poor-quality paint, it’s not suitable to use an ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning.

6. Under what circumstances do you need to clean your glasses


  1. When it’s raining, if glasses are left wet, they will still feel damp when dry. Therefore, it’s necessary to rinse them after being wet, even with water.
  2. When glasses are contaminated by sand and dust, wiping them in a contaminated state can cause deep scratches that cannot be repaired. Therefore, it’s crucial to rinse them thoroughly before handling.
  3. If glasses are accidentally contaminated with oily substances, the latest lenses have anti-fouling coatings similar to Teflon, which can be easily wiped off with a fine cloth under running water.
  4. If glasses are contaminated by hair styling products such as hair gel, hair mud, or hair wax, these chemicals can corrode the frame and cause the lens coating to delaminate if left in contact for a long time. The correct method is to clean glasses daily and rinse off any residual chemicals.

7. Regularly to take care of glasses


After wearing glasses for a period of time, if the following problems occur, it’s necessary to seek help from the eyeglass retailer or nearby eyeglass store for adjustment and restoration work:

  1. Deformation of the frame curvature
  2. Widening of the opening angle of the temples
  3. Poor fit of the nose pads
  4. Deformation due to pressure on the left and right temples
  5. Changes in the height of the temples

These issues can seriously affect the comfort of wearing glasses and indirectly affect vision, so it’s best to have the eyeglass retailer adjust the frame every three to six months.

how long do eyeglasses last

Generally, most eyeglass stores will accept minor repairs, even for glasses purchased elsewhere. Minor flaws can usually be fixed in a few minutes. In addition to confirming the prescription, regular maintenance such as distortion and width adjustments can improve comfort and extend the life of the glasses.


8.  How often to change frames and lenses


Glasses, like your mobile phone, are actually consumables. They are very delicate, and once the lens is scratched, it will significantly affect the optical correction performance. It will not only fail to improve vision but also cause a series of visual fatigue symptoms.

It’s recommended to replace glasses every two years. After long-term use, the frame may become deformed, and the lens may become blurry. The following situations usually require us to replace the frame or lens:

  1. Yellowing of the lens
    If the lens turns yellow, it indicates that the lens has aged, and the lens parameters may have changed. It’s necessary to replace the lens as soon as possible.
  2. Delamination of the lens coating
    Delamination of the lens coating is irreversible. If the delamination affects normal vision and comfort, it’s recommended to replace the lens immediately.

    cleaning eye glasses
  3. Peeling of the frame coating
    If the frame coating peels off, it affects the appearance. If the frame is made of alloy copper material, it will rust and turn green. Copper green is toxic and can corrode the skin. Please consider whether to replace it.
  4. Deformation of the frame
    If the frame is severely deformed and cannot be restored, it’s recommended to replace it immediately. When replacing the frame, it’s necessary to replace the lens together. Otherwise, the optical center of the lens will change, causing discomfort when wearing.
  5. Mismatched prescription
    If the eyesight changes due to long-term wearing or irregular daily routine, and the current glasses are no longer clear enough, it’s recommended to replace the glasses or consider replacing the lens separately based on the maintenance condition of the frame.

9. A summary of how to take care of your glasses

You should take care of your own glasses. You need to know how often they need to be replaced, how often they need to be cleaned, when to go to the eyeglass store for maintenance, and how to maintain them. These methods are all aimed at better caring for our glasses and for better caring for the windows to our souls, our eyes.

At this point, high end sunglasses manufacturer suggest that you take a look at how glasses are made and the craftsmanship of the artisans. They also hope that you will join them in caring for our glasses.

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