Top 10 Materials to Make Durable and Fashionable Sunglass Frames

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Top 10 Materials to Make Durable and Fashionable Sunglass Frames

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When seeking out stylish, long-lasting sunglasses, the sunglass frame materials make all the difference. As veteran sunglasses manufacturers supplying premium brands worldwide, we utilize only the most durable, lightweight, and flexible modern materials for fashionable, comfortable frames built to last.


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In this blog, we reveal the top 10 sunglass frame materials we rely on to deliver both durability and style season after season.

At the same time, please note that when we design sunglasses and create your own glasses brand, the choice of materials is very important. Sometimes it depends on the structure of the glasses, and sometimes it depends on the manufacturing cost. You have to consider it comprehensively.


#1: Stainless Steel for Glasses Frame


Stainless steel ranks among the strongest, most corrosion-resistant metals used in modern eyewear. An alloy of iron, chromium, and other metals, stainless steel does not rust, tarnish or oxidize over time. It holds up incredibly well to scratches, cracks, and everyday wear. Stainless steel also allows very thin, lightweight constructions for comfort.


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We utilize grade 304 stainless steel known for its high malleability. This enables the shaping of sleek, contoured sunglass frames that hold form. With care, stainless steel frames last over a decade. They take on a burnished patina over time for vintage appeal. We often apply colored PVD coatings to stainless frames for stylish hues.


#2: Titanium for Eyeglass Frame


Recognized for having the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal, titanium is a top choice for durable, comfortable sunglass frames. This lustrous grey metal is amazingly light yet incredibly tough and fracture-resistant. It is also hypoallergenic.


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Our titanium frames utilize aerospace-grade alloys like titanium 6-4 chosen for their optimal strength, hardness, and workability. They withstand high levels of strain and stress. We craft razor-thin titanium frames as light as feathers. With no nickel content, titanium suits sensitive skin. Overall, it balances performance and aesthetics beautifully.

The application and manufacture of titanium materials is what our eyewear manufacturer is best at. We have been focusing on the manufacture of titanium eyeglass frames for 12 years. Excellent workmanship system and very attractive cost have been achieved so far, so we are trusted by many titanium eyeglass frame brands.


#3: Aluminum for Glasses Frame


Aluminum’s affordable cost and excellent strength-to-weight profile make it a winning sunglass material. Prized for its lightness, aluminum evenly distributes weight for comfort. It takes well to color and polish for shine.


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We use resilient, robust aluminum alloys like 6061 for sunglass frames. This aircraft-grade aluminum maintains integrity beautifully even when subject to twisting or pressure. CNC machining allows the crafting of ultra-sleek, contemporary aluminum frames. With proper care, aluminum eyewear can serve well over 5 years.


#4: Cellulose Acetate for Sunglass


For decades, acetate has reigned supreme in fashionable eyewear. Made of cellulose derived from plants, acetate offers high strength, lustrous sheen, dazzling colors, and artisan shaping potential. Its natural feel and biodegradability make it sustainable too.


acetate frame material


We source premium Mazzucchelli acetate from Italy. Our acetate frames undergo extensive hand polishing for a luxuriously smooth, glossy finish that accrues patina over time. Acetate also allows for adding special accents like engraved filigree. With quality craftsmanship, acetate frames easily last 5+ years.

With the development of technology, there are many excellent cellulose acetate manufacturers in China, such as Jinyu, Jinliang, Jimei, and other Chinese acetate manufacturers.



#5: Polycarbonate for Glasses Frames


Polycarbonate lenses have also become a top choice for durable sunglass frames. This advanced polymer offers high impact resistance, optical clarity, and lightness. It adds flexibility and durability surpassing traditional plastics.


glasses material types PC


We utilize medical-grade polycarbonate that withstands high force and temperature extremes. It serves well for sports sunglasses facing high-velocity impacts. Ophthalmic polycarbonate also delivers excellent scratch resistance. Superior moldability allows very slim, ergonomic frame construction. Overall, polycarbonate makes a lightweight, shatter-resistant option.


#6: TR90 Nylon for Glasses Frame


TR90 nylon represents an innovation in thermoplastic sunglass materials. This ultra-lightweight, flexible nylon composite maintains shape retention and stability in any climate. It delivers comfort and adjustability.


what are glasses made of TR90 Grilimid


We optimize TR90’s memory properties to create frames with a perfect fit. Their bendable arms and leg-conforming nose pads prevent slippage. TR90 also accepts vintage-inspired patterns and colors via injection molding. For an eco-friendly material, TR90 is hard to beat.


#7: Ultem for Eyeglass Frame


As a high-performance polyetherimide, Ultem plastic delivers superior strength and heat resistance. It maintains integrity across temperatures ranging from -40F to 310F. This engineering-grade material provides structural resilience similar to metal but with plastic’s lightness.


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At our factory, we leverage Ultem’s durability to create slim, contemporary sunglass frames that hold shape. Its extreme tensile strength withstands high pressures. Ultem also resists reactions and discoloration over its long lifespan. Impressive durability combines with moldability for stylish potential.


#8: Carbon Fiber for Sunglasses


Prized for its monumental strength-to-weight ratio, carbon fiber brings racing technology to eyewear. This composite melds graphite fibers in a lightweight resin matrix for monumental durability despite featherweight appeal.


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Our carbon fiber frames use aerospace-grade pre-preg sheets. Reducing weight while amplifying strength, these frames withstand intense demands while delivering barely-there comfort. With mesmerizing woven aesthetics, carbon fiber also supplies motorsports-inspired style.


#9: Wood for Glasses Frames


Natural materials like wood, buffalo horn, and shells bring artisan appeal to handcrafted eyewear. Sourcing exotic species like zebrawood and burl, our wooden frames showcase the alluring grain patterns and textures that make each pair unique.


sunglasses material Exotic Wood


We partner directly with sawmills to select the finest cuts. Skilled technicians hand shape and finish each frame to optimize the wood’s organic beauty. Adding adjustable nose pads and hinges ensures comfort and wearability. The artistry invested gives wooden eyewear lasting heirloom value.


#10: Silicone Rubber for Sunglass Frame


For flexible, comfortable frames, silicone rubber is gaining popularity. This synthetic elastomer offers high tensile strength combined with incredible flexibility and softness. Silicone rubber never breaks—it simply bends and bounces back.


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We utilize medical-grade silicone rubber optimized for eyewear. This allows the creation of extremely pliable frames that contour to fit different faces. Silicone also delivers a hypoallergenic, non-irritating appeal. While novel, silicone rubber makes a lightweight, adjustable foundation for long-wearing sunglasses.




By selecting only premium sunglass frame materials vetted for performance and integrity, Custom Sunglasses Manufacturers create durable, comfortable sunglasses built to endure years of wear. Balancing cutting-edge composites with natural elements also delivers style options to suit any customer. Ultimately, choosing the right foundational material proves critical to achieving sunglasses that merge fashion and function seamlessly.

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