Top 5 Reasons to Choose Chinese Sunglasses Manufacturer

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Chinese Sunglasses Manufacturer

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After more than 40 years of rapid development, Chinese sunglasses manufacturers have become a popular choice for businesses looking to mass-produce high-quality, affordable eyewear. There are several key reasons why sunglasses manufacturers tend to be the preferred supplier.


1. The production cost of Chinese sunglass manufacturers is low


China is one of the countries with the lowest manufacturing labor costs in the world. The average hourly salary of Chinese factory workers is about US$4, which is significantly lower than other European and American countries that manufacture glasses. More importantly, with more than 40 years of development, China has cultivated many excellent talents.

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In addition, raw materials such as acetate and metal used in sunglasses frames are abundant and cheap in China. These factors allow Chinese factories to offer sunglasses at lower prices than manufacturers in other regions.

For example, a standard plastic sunglass frame might cost $1 to $3 to produce in China, while the same frame in the U.S. or Europe might cost $5 to $10. In China, 30-50% can be saved on the labor cost of injection molding sunglasses frames alone. These huge cost advantages can translate into lower prices and higher profit margins for the business.


2. High production capacity of China eyeglasses manufacturers



Chinese sunglass makers typically have the high production capacity needed to meet demand from global consumer brands. Large factories in China can produce thousands or even millions of units per month. This ability is due to:

• Extensive Manufacturing Expertise – Chinese factories have decades of experience manufacturing eyewear accessories and assembling sunglasses. The quality of workers, high-tech skills, and high efficiency.

• Advanced Machinery – The Chinese factory is equipped with the latest injection molding machines, CNC milling machines, and 6-12 axis automatic processing machines, which can produce high-volume sunglasses. In addition, in recent years, China has also developed a lot of high-end 6-12 axis automatic processing machines, and the efficiency and cost have been greatly improved.

chinese sunglasses manufacturers

• Huge workforce – Chinese sunglass factories typically employ thousands of workers on multiple production lines to maximize output.

The ability to mass-produce sunglasses enables Chinese manufacturers to meet the needs of large corporate customers for high-volume and stable production. This kind of production capacity is often lacking by manufacturers in other countries.


3. Acquisition of Raw Materials and Suppliers for Chinese Eyeglass Manufacturers


China has a strong supply chain infrastructure to support the sunglasses industry. There is a large local market for the raw materials needed to produce eyewear, such as:

• Frame Material – Acetate Sheet, Stainless Steel, Titanium Alloy
• Lens Material – Polycarbonate, Trivex, High Index Plastic
• Hardware – hinges, screws, nose pads
• Accessories – mirror case, cleaning cloth

china eyeglasses manufacturers

In addition, many local component suppliers produce injection-molded sunglass parts such as temples, nose bridges, and barrel hinges. This ensures that Chinese factories can reliably obtain necessary inputs at competitive costs. They don’t face material shortages or delivery delays that could affect production schedules.

China’s extensive supply chain stems from the scale of its sunglass manufacturing. China is the world’s largest producer and exporter of eyewear, supporting an ecosystem of domestic raw material and component suppliers.


4. Strict quality control of eyewear manufacturer


Despite lower costs, Chinese sunglass manufacturers have invested heavily in quality control systems to meet the demands of global brands. The factory has:

• Strict material inspection process to ensure input meets specifications.

• A robust equipment calibration and maintenance program maximizes machine accuracy.

china eyeglasses manufacturer

• Thorough product testing in accredited laboratories for visual defects, durability, and safety.

• A dedicated quality team conducts in-process and final inspections using precision measuring tools.

• Corrective action process for product issues to eliminate repeat defects.

• Periodic third-party audits are conducted to ensure the quality system remains effective.

With these systems, China’s top sunglass manufacturers can reduce the defect rate to less than 1-2%, and meet strict international standards such as ANSI, ISO, and CE. They have the expertise to mass-produce consistent, high-quality sunglasses.


5. Regulatory compliance of Chinese sunglasses manufacturers


Chinese sunglasses factories comply with major international regulations for eyewear products, including:

The FDA regulates the safety and performance of sunglasses sold in the U.S.

The European Union issues CE marking requirements for product safety and emissions.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) sets standards for sunglasses’ quality and performance.

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Chinese manufacturers originally serve the large domestic sunglasses market in China and exported products to over 150 countries, gaining compliance experience in the process. They invest in necessary systems, documentation, and certifications to meet international regulations.


In summary, Chinese sunglasses manufacturers offer the best combination of cost, scale, quality, and compliance to meet the sunglasses sourcing needs of global consumer brands. Their capabilities enable companies to affordably manufacture high-volume sunglasses while minimizing the risk of conformance, safety, and regulatory issues.

If you have any other questions about why Chinese factories are good sourcing partners for sunglasses, please feel free to let me know. I’ll be happy to provide more details or recommend a Custom Sunglasses Manufacturers based on your business needs.

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