What Are Mirrored Sunglasses

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What Are Mirrored Sunglasses

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What are mirrored sunglasses? Also known as reflective sunglasses, people often wear them when going out to protect their eyes from strong light exposure, and to decorate their appearance, making many young people love them. Have you noticed if your sunglasses are mirrored?

what are mirrored sunglasses

As the name suggests, do your sunglasses reflect light like a mirror? Sunglasses manufacturers spray a very thin layer of reflective coating on the lenses, which enhances sunglasses’ ability to resist overhead light while allowing more light to enter from below and horizontally.


1. How do mirrored sunglasses work?


The lenses of mirrored sunglasses can reflect light like a mirror. The lenses are coated with a very thin layer of reflective coating. This coating is so sparse that it is called a semi-silvered surface. The term “semi-silvered” comes from the sparse reflective molecules on the lenses. Their number is about half of that needed to make an opaque reflective mirror. At the molecular level, the reflective molecules are evenly dispersed on the lens surface, forming a uniform thin film. But only half of the lens area is covered by the film. This semi-silvered surface reflects about half of the light reaching it while letting the other half pass through directly.

are mirrored sunglasses cool

Usually, the mirror coating gradients gradually in the depth of color from top to bottom. This enhances resisting overhead light while allowing more light from below and horizontally. So when driving, the sunglasses can block sunlight while allowing you to see the dashboard. Sometimes, the coating gradients doubly with the top and bottom of the lenses deepest in color, and the middle of the lenses clear.

2. Pros and Cons of mirrored sunglasses


How to choose mirrored sunglass? Many friends will ask custom sunglasses manufacturers. Yes, when deciding to choose mirrored sunglasses, it is necessary for us to fully understand mirrored sunglass pros and cons:


2.1 Pros of mirrored sunglasses


  • The mirrored layer helps reduce the amount of light entering the lenses. This quality makes these sunglasses better as they make us feel more comfortable when using them. UV rays in particular are harmful to the eyes, so mirrored sunglasses can prevent sunburn and other damage to the eyes. UV causes eye pain, especially with prolonged concentrated exposure. However, these sunglasses become the solution as drivers can drive comfortably without worrying about UV impairing their vision.
  • Color variations: Unlike other sunglasses, mirrored ones have different colors like pink, purplish blue, etc. However, these colors are part of their style as they do not affect the visibility of the sunglasses. The colors are mainly in the lenses, then the frames have the same or different colors. These colors make the personal owners of the sunglasses look good.
  • Privacy/anonymity: Some people like to look without being noticed. Sunglasses with mirrored lenses are the best choice to ensure the eyes are not exposed to others. Some people like looking at things and people without being noticed doing so, which prompts them to find mirrored sunglasses that aid them.
  • Glare reduction/protection: For most drivers, mirrored sunglasses are essential to help them maintain visibility. Other people engaged in activities on snow, water, and sports can use them to gain effective visibility. These people would not wear mirrored sunglasses while playing sports.mirror sunglasses
  • Fashion and sports: Indoor sports athletes prefer mirrored sunglasses because they can neutralize sunlight and reflections. These sports include; biking, winter sports, sailing, etc. For most people, their appearance is fundamental, so quality sunglasses that match their outfits are key. With different colored lenses, these sunglasses can also be very fashionable.
  • Brighter visuals: The reason for brighter visuals with mirrored versus other sunglasses is they reflect rather than absorb light. With sunglasses on, users will not feel strained and have very good vision whether athletes or drivers.are mirrored sunglasses good for driving
  • Durability: Compared to other types of sunglasses, mirrored ones are more scratch resistant. Athletes prefer these sunglasses because they can withstand sports activities and scratches.
  • Multifunctionality: For fashionable people or those conscious about their appearance, mirrored sunglasses are the best because they can provide different looks for a person’s face.
  • Light reflection: Other sunglasses absorb rather than reflect light. This is an important feature many buyers look for when purchasing sunglasses, making many choose mirrored ones.
  • Different uses: Mirrored glasses are the best because they can be used for different things. These activities include sports, military protection, fashion, and entertainment. For military uses, they are used to blind with very bright lights.

2.2  Cons of mirrored sunglasses


  1. Image distortion: Using mirrored sunglasses to look at LCD screens causes the image to appear dark and distorted. Looking at images on phone screens or reading text makes them appear blurry. For many phone enthusiasts, sunglasses may inconvenience their phone screens because they look as clear without mirrored sunglasses.
  2. No glare protection: Especially horizontal motions can expose the wearers of mirrored sunglasses to light reflections that cause them to lose vision. This is very dangerous, especially for drivers, as driving light reflections can lead to accidents.
  3. Expensive pricing: Mirrored sunglasses are priced higher compared to other lens types. This is because of the mirroring function in the sunglasses. Though expensive, it is cost-effective, so sunglasses enthusiasts who understand its uses and their efficiency and protectiveness do not mind the price but the quality of the sunglasses.reflective and reflect sunglasses
  4. Reflective glare: This is both an advantage and disadvantage for different people. Most of the time, it will vary especially depending on the situation the mirrored glasses user is in. For example, if the mirrored glasses blind a colleague of the user, that is not good, while if the glasses protect by blinding an attacker or enemy, then it becomes advantageous.
  5. Easily scratched: All mirrors lead to damage under harsh conditions and mirrored sunglasses are no exception. They are likely to get scratched and damaged when stepping on hard objects like cars, bikes, etc. Mirrored sunglasses users are advised to take good care of their sunglasses.
  6. Too dark in low light: This is a disadvantage for users who want to use the glasses in low light times or places. Mirrored sunglasses are mainly for reflecting light and places with less light have no light to reflect. This is because mirrored sunglasses do not generate any light, so there is not enough light to illuminate one’s vision.

Mirrored sunglasses are the best sunglasses suited for different purposes ranging from sports fashion to luxuries as described above. Their inherent qualities prove these glasses though a bit expensive, are very effective. However, the higher costs come from the different functions contained in the sunglasses. Therefore, if you are a sunglasses enthusiast and engage in some of the sports mentioned above, then sunglasses are your best choice.


3. Tips for choosing mirrored sunglasses


When buying mirrored sunglass, in addition to choosing brands that suit our face shape and style, we also need to pay attention to the following aspects:

3.1 UV protection level

The UV protection level of mirrored sunglasses should at least reach UV400, so as to effectively prevent eye diseases caused by UV radiation.

sunglasses reflection

3.2 Light transmittance of the mirrored sun lenses

When purchasing mirrored lenses, lenses with good light transmittance should be chosen, especially when driving at night, overly dark mirrored lenses will affect driving safety.

3.3 Mirrored sun Lens colors

Common five-colored lenses:

are mirror sunglasses good

● Pink lenses: This is a very common color. It can absorb 95% of UV and some visible light with shorter wavelengths. In fact, such a function is similar to that of ordinary colorless lenses, which means pink lenses do not have greater protection than ordinary lenses. But for some people, it still has considerable psychological help because they feel more comfortable wearing it.

● Gray lenses: Can absorb infrared and 98% of UV. The biggest benefit of gray lenses is that they do not change the original colors of objects due to the lenses, and the most satisfying thing is that they can effectively reduce light intensity.

● Green lenses: Green lenses can be said to be represented by the “Ray-Ban” series lenses. Like gray lenses, they can effectively absorb infrared and 99% of UV. However, green lenses will distort some colors of objects. Moreover, its effect of blocking light is slightly inferior to gray lenses, but green is still an excellent protective lens.

are mirrored sunglasses better

● Brown lenses: The types of light absorbed by this lens are similar to those of green lenses, but brown lenses absorb more blue light than green lenses. Brown lenses cause more distortion of colors than gray and green lenses, so the general satisfaction is relatively low. But it provides another color choice, and can slightly reduce the blue glare to make the image clearer.

● Yellow lenses: Can absorb 100% of UV, and allow 83% of visible light and infrared to pass through the lenses. The biggest feature of yellow lenses is that they absorb most of the blue light. Because when sunlight passes through the atmosphere, it mainly manifests as blue light (which explains why the sky is blue). After yellow lenses absorb blue light, it can make the scenery in nature clearer. Therefore, yellow lenses are often used as “filter lenses”, or used by hunters when hunting.

3.3 Mirrored sun Lens material

The lens material directly affects the quality of the mirrored lenses. Common materials include glass, plastic, PC, etc. Glass mirrored lenses have good optical effects, but are fragile, while plastic and PC materials are lightweight and more durable.

3.4 Brand Reputation

When choosing mirrored sunglasses, you can check more evaluations and user reviews of the brand to ensure that the brand you choose has a certain reputation and credibility.

4.  Recommended Brands for Mirrored Sunglasses


There are a wide variety of branded mirrored sunglasses on the market. The quality and price of mirrored sunglasses also vary by brand. We can choose suitable mirrored sunglass brands for ourselves from the following aspects:


RAY BAN is a sunglass brand with a long history and expertise. Ray Ban mirrored sunglasses use high-quality materials and advanced technology. The lenses have good scratch resistance and impact resistance, which can effectively block glare, and are a good choice.

what does mirrored sunglasses mean

4.2 Oakley 

As one of Nike’s sunglass brands in the United States, Oakley is popular in the market for its sports, fashion, high-quality products, and leading technology. Its mirrored sunglasses use high-quality and durable materials, which not only ensure eye comfort and safety but also have scratch and abrasion resistance.

4.3 Ralph Lauren

As one of the international giants in the fashion field, Ralph Lauren’s sunglasses have beautiful shapes, exquisite detail processing, light and comfortable wearing experience. They also provide frame styles for different face types, making them one of the top choices for many fashionistas.

5. Maintenance methods for mirrored sunglasses


Good mirrored sunglasses need proper maintenance to extend their lifespan.

5.1 Clean properly

If the surface of the mirrored lenses is covered with dust or dirt, wipe it clean with a towel dampened with warm water and a small amount of neutral detergent.

5.2 Pay attention when storing

Mirrored sunglasses must be stored properly. Do not expose the glasses directly under the sun. Put the mirrored glasses in a glasses case for storage to prevent damage and deformation to the lens surface.

5.3 Handle with care

Try to avoid dropping or hitting the mirrored sunglasses from heights. Otherwise, it will cause deformation of the frames and lens damage, affecting visual effects. In severe cases, it will also damage the eyes.

5.4 Avoid excessive pulling

When wearing mirrored sunglasses, do not pull the temples too hard. Otherwise, the screws at the bottom of the glasses can loosen easily, and even the temples can break.

6. Summary


What are Mirrored Sunglasses? As long as you read this article, you should be able to understand. This article is mainly to understand the definition of mirrored sunglass, how mirrored sunglasses work, their disadvantages and advantages, and how we should choose mirrored sunglasses.

If you have any suggestions for this article, you are welcome to join in the discussion and learning.

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